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“From an unhappy and despondent size 16 to a happy and confident size 10”

alera's Weight Loss Story

Just 14 months ago I was a 25-year-old unhappy and despondent size 16 who weighed-in at 85 kilos. Little did I know that just over a year later, my life would be completely transformed.  After being introduced to the program by my physiologist I was as far from an optimist as you could get…

My Goals

My goals were set at a miniscule-low having zero faith that I could indeed achieve them. Not long after, I recorded results never seen before and with every kilo less appearing on the scales, I gained it in confidence and determination.

I refuse to look at the program as a diet. I have no intention of changing my newly formed habits. I feel strength and control in the way I look at food now, the three meals and three snacks and the manageable amount of exercise. I can’t get enough of the way my body feels and the amazing improvement in my overall health. As a long-term Asthmatic, I no longer require medication and my questionable fertility has been resorted, giving me a wonderful sense of hope for the future.

My Results

Today I weigh-in at 62 kilos and wear a size 10 for the first time in my adult life. I am proud of my achievements and know that the final 4-kilo home stretch is well within my reach. Bodytrim has instilled in me a renewed zest for life, a desire to succeed and a love for the new and improved Bodytrim me.

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