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“Kids giggling helped me see that enough was enough.”  

I am a Physical Education Secondary Teacher and have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember!  During my own schooling I was bullied heavily because of my weight and before Bodytrim I felt hopeless because it was happening to me again, but this time I was the teacher!

“I felt like a fraud!”

We all know kids can be cruel and I used to be so embarrassed to stand in front of a class and teach students about Health and Physical Education when I was clearly overweight! I simply felt like a fraud!  I studied at University for 4 years and being involved in a P.E. which of course meant I was surrounded by athletes and toned bodies and much to my humiliation I could never keep my weight down! Now I know I was just fed the wrong information!

The defining moment

During a ‘class party’ my students took a photo of me tucking into potato chips. I was horrified at their giggles, my appearance and I thought enough was enough.

My Results

At my heaviest I weighed 81kgs. It took me almost half a year to lose that initial 4kg. I cringe at all that hard work with little reward. Then I started Bodytrim and I have lost a massive 12.5kg and 63cm off my body!  I’m certainly not done yet!

Bodytrim + Annie Slattery = more laughter, more taken opportunities and being told for the first time I was beautiful!

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