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 Lose Weight Fast While Toning Up



The Bodysculpt accelerated weight loss and body toning program could be your biggest breakthrough ever. Here is what you’re about to discover…      

The trick to tracking your progress, setting goals and staying motivated...  


until you achieve the lean, healthy, beautifully attractive body of your dreams. I start out by helping you get a very clear vision of the ideal body you truly desire. After all, we all know how hard it is to stay on track and overcome those hump days when it all seems too much. That’s why I developed a step-by-step method of ensuring you have a crystal clear vision of exactly where you want to go. However that’s not enough. You also need to be able to track your progress every step of the way. The Bodysculpt system will show you the five different ways to get a “snapshot in time: of exactly where you’re at so you maintain your motivation until you have reached your desired outcome.

How to bust through your plateaus and use foods to manage your fat burning hormones to get an unfair advantage)

It's frustrating when you can’t see progress fast enough to keep yourself motivated. It can feel as if losing weight is simply too hard. The Bodysculpt system will walk you through:

  • Advanced Nutrition Strategies: how to use the advanced zig-zag strategy combined with the consumption of more of the foods you love to elevate the levels of one of the super-potent fat burning hormones.
  • How to manage your hormones to give your body an unfair advantage: the hormone insulin is a major factor responsible for piling on the pounds. I'm going to show you how to significantly reduce your level of this hormone AND increase the level of two hormones responsible for burning off body fat hour by hour.

Get ready to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting because if you follow the BodySculpt system you’ll have everything you need to not only take the weight off but sustain your new, leaner physique. After all, there’s nothing worse than stacking the weight back on after taking it off. What’s the point in that?



How to tone up your body and get rid of the flabby skin around your tummy, arms, thighs and other areas.

If you’re sick of your flabby arms, a “mummy tummy” or just flabby skin in general and would like to tone up the various areas of your body, then I've created a workout based on resistance bands which you can complete in only one hour total a week.

Resistance bands give you a better workout than you’ll get at the gym. And because they fit in a small nylon bag, you can do them anywhere and at anytime, saving you hours in travel and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary gym fees.


And how to curb your food addictions (it doesn’t matter whether your weakness is chocolate, lollies or potato chips – you’ll never believe how easy it is to banish those cravings)


Meet just a few of the “Regular Folks” who burned away their fat and toned up with the Bodysculpt system:

You could literally see the weight melting away from them as they busted through their plateaus and began to tone up their problem areas using the  Bodysculpt system strategies.

Have you ever heard of an easier weight loss and toning all-in-one program?

Not only do I give you step-by-step instructions for how to set up the resistance bands... and the reasoning behind the training principles, you will also learn:

  • The best time of the day to exercise.
  • The longer and harder you train the better your result, right? Wrong. 20 minutes three times a week is all you need. And why I encourage you to take breaks in between .
  • Better than a gym workout. Why resistance bands are faster and more effective than going to your local gym. And the best part is you can do them anytime... anywhere... and get superior results (not to mention the fact you can save yourself a fortune, which is particularly important in today’s tough economy).
  • What to do when you get stressed throughout the day. Don’t reach for a chocolate bar. Do this and get the happy hormones working for you instead of against you
  • Why aerobics doesn't help you sculpt and tone your body: the science of BodySculpt and how it works.
  • What never to do within an hour after your workout. Never. Ignoring this warning could leave you back at square one despite all of your efforts.
  • The truth about how long you should exercise for: And why your goal should be to exercise for shorter and shorter periods of time as you get fitter and stronger
  • What is EPOC? And why the evidence shows it disturbs the body’s homeostasis to a greater degree than aerobic exercise, elevating your resting metabolic rate well after you have finished so you are burning more fat throughout the day.







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