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“The way I think about food has completely transformed.”

Brian's Weight Loss Testimonial

Geoff and his team have given me the tools I needed to change my life.  I can only hope that Bodytrim has the same impact on your life, because if you are reading this, I am assuming you have some work to do.  If I can help just one person in that process, I will be happy forever.

Life just happened.

As a child, I was always fit and very skinny.  Weight wasn’t an issue until I hit my 20s, which was when my lifestyle completely changed. I left home and the police academy when I was 19 and headed for the big lights of Sydney to join the police force. It was here my eating habits changed for the worse.

Over the next three years I started putting weight on, as you do when you eat takeaway food most of the time.  Life just happened. I got married, moved to the country for a few years and then again to the coast, getting bigger and bigger as the years went by.

My eating habits left a lot to be desired.  I loved my beer and I loved my steak.  Green veggies were for girls and salad was a pointless exercise.  Give me heaps of steak, onions, chips and bread, and super-size everything.  Potatoes, carrots and tomatoes were the only veggies I would eat.  My idea of a healthy lunch would be three bread rolls or toasted sandwiches without salad. During my evenings, I snacked on chips and lollies, and cups of coffee had to include three sugars for me to be able to drink it.  Tea was for girls and farmers to drink.  However, I did drink some water and soft juice.

Every now and again I’d go on a health food kick and eat pasta for dinner and salad rolls for lunch. After two or three days, I was always surprised that I still hadn’t lost weight, so I’d just go back to my old ways again.

Car accident 

In 2001, I had a car accident, two years later I needed to take time off from work with severe back problems.  Yes, the car accident caused my injury, but my weight added to the problem.  Weighing between 145 and 150kgs, I was still overweight.

At the start of 2004, I stopped eating real food.  I began eating salads and not much else. I also began to spend more than two hours a day in the gym doing massive cardio workouts.  The weight finally started to come off and I was well enough to return to work in July 2004 at 115kgs. I had lost 35kgs.

Having lost so much weight, I stopped eating salads, and as I had returned to work, I wasn’t able to exercise nearly as much as I had been. Slowly, the weight started to creep back on.

The defining moment

In 2005, I suffered a knee injury which led to surgery later that year, and again in 2008. A few weeks after the second operation, I was sitting in the surgeon’s room in Sydney and saw an advertisement for Bodytrim on the television.  It immediately pricked my ears, so I decided to check the website as soon as I got home later that day.  One of the last things the knee surgeon said to me as I walked out of his room was, ‘see what you can do about losing the jockey you are carrying around.’ This instantly struck a chord with me and I decided while it was fresh in my mind, that I would send myself a text message with the Bodytrim website address, as a reminder.

Over the years I had tried a few different things to lose weight, like magic fat absorbing pills, I even saw a dietician for a while. But all of the gimmicks I had tried were not sustainable; the weight always crept back on.

When Bodytrim found me that day in Sydney, I was a very unhealthy 148kgs and at 192cm, I equalled a BMI of 40.1.  I was doing light duties at work because of my weak knee and I was depressed about my weight. I had even taken up smoking again at work and I was hiding it from my wife. I didn’t like the person I was becoming.

Finding Bodytrim

Enter Bodytrim.  It took me a few weeks, but I eventually ordered it and when it arrived I was like a kid with a new toy.  I watched the DVDs a few times and I really started to plan what I was going to do.  I was back on full duties at work, which for me is 24hr shift work, with no set routine or roster. I decided to take my time before starting Bodytrim so that I could plan my exercise and eating regime properly.  During the 10 days between receiving the Bodytrim pack and actually starting it, I took on some basic principles. I ate more often, smaller portions, started a bit of walking, and concentrated on drinking water.  I did this so that when I did start, it wouldn’t be a total and utter shock to the system.

The day before I started Bodytrim I had a massive free day with big steaks, beers, the works.  I was after all, the typical beer swigging, steak and chip eating, Australian.

I was infected by Geoff’s utter enthusiasm to help other people and I just knew that this was going to work, even before I started.  So when I woke up on the first morning of the carb detox, I got the tape measure out and took my measurements. Then I jumped on the scales and I could not believe what I saw.  I had lost 5kgs, just in the Bodytrim warm up.  It was official.  Geoff is a legend!

Well, I don’t think anyone could have got a better kick start than that. If I wasn’t motivated before, I was now. 


My starting weight for Bodytrim was 148kgs, even though I was 5kgs less on the day I officially started. I had lost the first 5kg by simply following the Bodytrim principles while waiting for my kit to arrive anyway.

I stuck to the program like glue for the next few weeks. Before I started, I set myself a goal. I had no time frame in mind, but decided that if I reached 110kgs, which I haven’t weighed since I was 21, I would then set another goal and work towards that.

My weight is now as low as it has ever been and I’ve even had to order a new uniform for work.

But the impact the program has had on my family life has been unbelievable. I feel so much better about myself now and I’ll do things with the family that I would never do before. I used to take a day-off from work and just be happy to sit around the house and not do much. Now, we’re putting the kids’ bikes in the car, putting the pram in the back of the yute and going into town or nipping out for a walk along the bridge. On a Sunday afternoon we’ll go to local parks and be active together.

No more cravings 

And finally, after all of these years, I just don’t have cravings anymore, making it a lot easier to follow the program.. I just seem to have grown out of them. If I do feel tempted, I’ll write my craving down and have them on my free day. The way I think about food has been completely transformed.

If you’re not sure whether to give Bodytrim a go or not, I would say: why not? Get off the treadmill and onto Bodytrim. Remember everything you have tried before that hasn’t helped: the shakes and the fad diets. At the most, you can keep these up for 10 years, but you can keep Bodytrim up for a lifetime. It’s really that simple.

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