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A shy boy no more

Weight Loss Testimonial from Joe

The Bodytrim system has not only provided me with “my new life” but taught me skills that I use daily. I believe it is not just a diet but a continuous journey; with no end date, which appealed to me from the start. It provided me with a way to enjoy the food and drink in the company of friends and family whilst still being compliant – something I never thought was possible.

Making a Change

This is the most challenging thing I have ever tackled and accomplished. With my starting weight of 120kg the program has taught me how to set goals and milestones through diarizing my thoughts, feelings and food plans. It has given me self belief to achieve any task I undergo with determination and vigour throughout my working and social life. It has brought out a discipline from within that I never thought I had.

A Shy Boy No More

I used to shy away from meeting people in social environments due to a lack of confidence and self esteem, which prompted me to step outside my comfort zone feeling vulnerable and insecure. Shortly after some initial results I felt determined, motivated, and confident and was able to believe in the system that was going to get my life back on track. I could not believe how quickly the weight was falling off and didn’t want to do anything to de-rail the weight loss train.

My Results

So I am proud to be in the weight maintenance phase and can begin the rest of my life at a healthy 89kg. I encourage others to take on the weight loss challenge and promise you will come out on the other side with a life that is so worth living.


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