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Nutrition is most definitely a complex science which is still constantly evolving, but there is no doubt about the connection between nutrition and weight loss  Read More >>
Healthy Snacks
These snacks are the perfect options if you are watching your weight or just trying to be healthy. They are packed full of flavour and are fantastic healthy snacks  Read More >>
Trim Club Benefits
Trim Club as a fantastic online resource that combines support from those on their weight loss journeys, advice and tips from nutritional experts   Read More >>
Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss there are a number of different theories and methods it can sometimes become overwhelming to know the best path to take. Our Nutritionists have sifted through the proven theories to give you the best up to date method of safe and effective weight loss. 

Exercise for Weight Loss
Do you want to find out the best exercise for weight loss? Or perhaps you’re lacking motivation to be physically active and want some inspiration? We’ve got all this information for you and more.   Read More >>
Healthy Eating for Weight Loss
Our Bodytrim Nutritionists have put together some healthy recipes and plans for weight loss. These foods will have you losing weight in no time, but in the healthiest way possible  Read More >>
Low Carb Diet
Low carb diets have become quite popular in recent times as a method of weight loss. So why are they so effective for weight loss and what things should you watch out for?  Read More >>
Low Carb Recipes
Certainly when it comes to weight loss, low carb recipes will help you to lose weight and then maintain a healthier weight. So how can you adapt your recipes to make them low carb. Our experts have got all the tips and hints to help you at home. 
How To Lose Stomach Fat
Are you tired of looking at your protruding belly in the mirror or find the button on your jeans isn’t as easy to fasten anymore? You’re not alone. People wanting to know how to lose stomach fat is on the rise as the nations waist lines balloon.
Advantages of a diet rich in lean protein are that it strengthens cell membranes, maintains our immune system, carries iron to tissues, produces hormones and is important for muscle growth.   Read More >>
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