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21 Days of Permanent Weight Loss

21 day weight loss program



"How to stop your food cravings, bust through any weight loss plateau and end self sabotage for good!”

No matter how much you know, no matter what’s happened in the past, the most important part of ANY weight loss effort is this..

Sometimes we know EXACTLY what to do. We just don’t DO what we know!

For many people there’s a lot more to weight loss than just the physical; than just simply ‘following the plan’.
In fact, the real battle, the BIG challenge, is often fought between the ears – the ‘what’s going on inside our heads’ component.
Over the 3 years at Bodytrim, we have seen that many of you are experiencing the same challenges on your weight loss journey. The biggest point to come out of all this is that once you understand BT the real challenge is the….

  • Failing to do the things you know you should just as you’re about to reach your goal weight.
  • Not sabotaging yourself from the results you deserve.
  • Setting and re-setting goals and staying motivated no matter what comes your way.
  • Overcoming your cravings for the food that keep you fat.

Even Geoff falls victim to these things too – and not only in weight loss, but all gametes of life.

Why is it that we get so close to our goals and then without even consciously knowing it, we trip ourselves over and before we know it we're right back to square one?

What’s even worse is, the more times it happens the worse we feel about ourselves. And the worse we feel about ourselves the more the feeling of hopelessness grows we never want to try again for fear of being in ‘this’ place once again!

So with this in mind, we had to act! We had to find a solution.

Having learnt so much about the physical side of things Geoff decided he owed it to himself, but more importantly, he owed it to all of the BT community who have supported him over the years to find ‘the missing link’.

Once Geoff made this commitment, it’s funny how the right people come into your life and certain events happen to almost ‘will you’ in the right direction. You see, it was right about this time that he met a caring and highly skilled Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience specializing in weight loss by the name of Dr. Natalie Green.

If you’ve been around the BT community for a while then you may well be familiar with Dr. Natalie Green. Since Geoff first met Nat she has taught him more about himself than he managed to learn over the previous 15 years!


Introducing '21 Days To Permanent Weight Loss' and goodbye to cravings, self-sabotage and weight loss plateaus:

After all the questionnaires and surveys to the BT community, we knew that we’d stumbled upon a HUGE “missing link” that we believed is the primary reason why so many people; give into their cravings; don’t make the time to do what they must; fail to stay on track; get stuck: lose motivation, stack the weight back on; and fall into the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster.

So, when we sat down to discuss starting this project, we made a commitment to show all Australians that hooking up your physical side to your mental side could not only be easily and effortlessly accomplished but it could also be PERMANENT!

We just couldn’t live with ourselves if we’d created anything less. It would go against everything Bodytrim stands for and compromise the integrity of the system.


And, I'm glad to say we believe we've delivered exactly that!

21 Days To Permanent Weight Loss is guaranteed to be the ‘spark’ to fast tracking your progress!
In just 3 weeks, 21 days to permanent weight loss will help you determine the body you want to create, give you some of the most powerful and proven tools to get from where you are to where you want to be, and provide you with the coaching you need to get greater results on a daily basis. 

When we heard initial feedback we started to sense just how important this revolutionary program was. We knew that combined with Bodytrim we had in our hands the most advanced weight loss program that quite possibly…. the world has ever seen.

The first time ever, that the truth about both the PHYSICAL and the MENTAL had been combined in a fully integrated system that you can use to bust through self-sabotage and your plateaus; setting and re-setting goals and staying motivated no matter what comes your way; and overcoming your cravings for the food that keeps you fat.

Which is why we are so excited - we can say hand on heart that 21 Days To Permanent Weight is the Ultimate Bodytrim companion!

All you need to do is to play the CD’s (or the MP3’s on your iPod) providied in the kit, when you are on your way to work or when you get up each morning.


It's just like having Natalie as your personal coach looking over your shoulder.

This interactive audio workshop includes 17 sessions and workshop manuals to be used over 21 days specifically designed to show you how to set goals, stay motivated, break through your weight loss plateaus and say goodbye to Yo-Yo dieting forever.

Here are just some of the things that we cover:

  • The interactive sessions start with the single biggest reason why people fail or succeed on their weight loss journey, we show you how to set yourself up to win no matter what your goal
  • Showing you how to find out what’s really been holding you back and how to stay motivated and keep going no matter what life throws at you! (You’ll hear all about this in Session 2)
  • How to set realistic goals that inspire you each day to move forward! Reach your ideal weight quickly, safely and permanently
  • Use the power of your own mind to 'think trim' from the inside out
  • The quickest, easiest way to get rid of food cravings for good including the real reasons behind your cravings and what you can do about it (Session 6)
  • Why so many people lose weight, plateau and then can’t lose anymore. And the best way for you to prevent this from happening to you!
  • Specific strategies you can use to get back on track even if you feel like you’ve falling off the rails
  • How to end self-sabotage for good and train your mind to ‘think trim’ (Sessions 13, 14 & 15)


Not only that, you also receive The Complete Visualisation CD which will help you to finally link your mental with the physical...permanently!

It’s all about getting your head “connected” with your body. This is going to be the EASIEST thing you’ve ever done to lose weight. Now that your combining the principles in 21 Days To Permanent Weight Loss with the Bodytrim principles, it’s going to fix everything.


Almost overnight.

And all you need to do is lie on your back and listen. There’s absolutely nothing you need to change in terms of what you’re doing on a physical level.

Once you realise what’s happening on the mental side of things... you’re ready for the big “truth” to effortlessly melt off the weight.

This set of CDs will show you exactly how you can create incredible results which fast track your weight loss with a simple “lying on your back half asleep” mental exercise you can do right before you go to bed.

You’ll be able to set your mind up so it starts helping your body melt away all of your excess fat. No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed before. Or how tough you’re finding it to overcome your cravings and bust through your plateaus.

This program is for everyone that has trouble busting through weight loss plateaus, beating self-sabotage, setting goals and staying motivated. Think about it in terms of the effect it could have on your life, it could be massive. The reason? In this truly interactive program it will be like having Dr. Natalie in the room sitting right next to you. With this program you can quickly and easily have a step-by-step plan for losing all the weight you want to lose – for creating rituals to ensure you overcome what’s holding you back for staying motivated, for getting past your plateaus - specifically designed for YOU.

We believe this audio workshop by Nat and Geoff is going to help tens of thousands of BTers take things to the next level, not only in weight loss but also in other areas of life. The “6 inches between the ears” holds the keys to happiness, success and goal accomplishment and we believe ’21 days to permanent weight loss’ is going to be awesome for everyone in the community!

Small bite size chunks used each day that can change your life forever!

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