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Bodytrim on a Budget

By Maria Anderson

Eating a Bodytrim compliant diet can sometimes be expensive, but with some planning, you can easily enjoy the foods you love without breaking your budget.

Here are five ways to cut down your grocery spending:

  1. Write a list. Before you hit the grocery store, plan the meals you’ll be making for the next two or three days, or even the next week, so you can pick up all the ingredients you’ll need.
  2. Buy in bulk. While buying foods in bulk is initially more expensive, it can often save you money in the long run. Buy only the fresh produce you’ll need for the next couple of days and make sure you eat it before it spoils otherwise, you're wasting money.
  3. Try a new protein. Have you tried legumes yet? It doesn't get any cheaper or healthier than whole, dried beans. Soak them in water over night and cook for about an hour or until they get soft, then add to soups, salads or eat as a snack. Boost your body with fibre and protein!
  4. Shop in season. Fresh produce is usually better quality and cheaper when you buy it in season. Check out your local farmers’ market just before they close and you can find bargains, since many farmers prefer not to truck their produce back to the farm - and it doesn’t get fresher!
  5. Stay simple. One of the best ways to save money is to keep your meals easy. Serve grilled or broiled fish, meat, or poultry as the main dish, for example, with a steamed vegetable and a side salad. Make extra and use the leftovers for lunch or snacks the following day.

There are many ways to save. Keep your eyes open next time you go for a shopping trip and take advantage of offers and coupons. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save if you make the effort!

Bodytrim on a budget

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