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Bodytrim Food Range

Low Carb Protein Indulgence Shake
Low Carb Protein Shakes contain a blend of the highest quality fast and slow burning whey proteins. Combined with green tea extract these delicious shakes are designed to assist your natural metabolism.  Read More >>
Energy Protein Indulgence Shake
Made with B Vitamins, Guarana, Taurine & Ginseng for sustainable energy and green tea extract rich with anti-oxidants, Energy will help you get you through the day with vitality! The perfect Bodytrim protein snack for those on the go who need an energy boost  Read More >>
Crave less protein shake
Crave Less Shakes are formulated with ingredients such as high quality protein, fibre and a unique fullness ingredient. The Crave Less Shake will help with constant food cravings and between meal snacking, especially for those with a sweet tooth!  Read More >>
Ultra Low Carb Protein Bars
A delicious high protein, ultra low carb snack bar to give you an energy kick and help assist with weight management. Packed with plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, they’re the perfect indulgent yet healthy snack when you’re on the go! Bodytrim bars also contain Guarana for a sustainable energy boost.  Read More >>
Ultra Low Carb Cookies
Now you can have your cookie and eat it too! These delicious cookies are seriously addictive and what's more, they come with the highest protein and lowest carb profile* around making them the ideal indulgent (yet Bodytrim approved!) protein snack.  Read More >>
Low Carb Protein Bites
This is a great tasting convenient snack which you can eat on the run to satisfy even the most dangerous cravings. Our Low Carb Protein Bites are specifically designed to be enjoyed one Bite at a time satisfying your craving and keeping you fuller for longer.   Read More >>
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