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How your diet can influence your risk of Stroke

It’s amazing the degree to which the food that you are eating can affect your health. Health is one of those things that we take for granted until it is taken away from us. This week is National Stroke Week so it would seem an appropriate time to highlight some of the ways that your diet can influence your risk of Stroke.

The key to making your diet plan a success

For many of us, the key to making our diet plan a success is to find out a way to incorporate it into our busy lifestyle. We have to learn how to make diet plans work for us instead of against us!

The scary health risks from western diets

It is no secret that the western world is has the highest rate of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The recent rise is the incidence of these problems means that we are now reaching epidemic levels. 

The truth about diet foods

Take a walk down the isles of a supermarket and you won’t have to go very far before you find an item that is labeled as being ‘diet’, ‘low fat’, ‘no added sugar’. But what do all of these terms really mean and are they really better for us?

Are diet plans necessary?

While it’s definitely possible to stick to a diet or lifestyle change without having created your own diet plans, they sure can make your life a lot easier

Why diets often fail

There are many different reasons why successful weight loss might not occur. Why is this? And is it the diets that are the problem or is it other factors? 

Fad diets - the good, the bad the crazy
These diets are known for eliminating or severely restricting entire food groups and are rigid in terms of following the ‘rules’ of the diet. They’re all the craze at the moment, but are they the best option if you’re looking to lose weight?   Read More >>
The key nutrient lacking in your diet

Most people believe that if they have a healthy diet they will get all the nutrients required to maintain good health, but is this really the case? 

Tips to following a diet plan
Ok, so you’ve decided that it’s time to change your lifestyle and you have managed to create your own diet plan – now for the big question of how to follow it! Confused? Frustrated? Too busy? You’re not alone.  Read More >>
Should teenagers ever diet
These days, teens are faced with social pressures to fit in as well as a constant media bombardment of unrealistic images. It’s no wonder teenagers are dieting. So the question needs to be asked, "Should teenagers ever diet?"  Read More >>
Are diet's safe while pregnant
While many women love the feeling of being pregnant, it’s also not uncommon for some to struggle with the changes that their body is undergoing and feel uncomfortable with any associated weight gain during this time. But the questions remains- are diets safe while pregnant?  Read More >>
Creating your own easy diet plan
Let’s face it, when life gets busy, our diet and lifestyle can be one of the first things that gets put aside. With a little consideration and time set aside once a week, you can set yourself a plan that will give you the tools to combat that mid-week meal dilemma.    Read More >>
60% of people are afraid to drink on a diet
According to an independent survey of over 240 people, 60% get the heebie-jeebies when confronted with an alcoholic beverage. 
This isn’t surprising given it’s long been etched into the minds of dieters that alcohol is the devil when on a diet. 
Make a Healthy Diet Your Priority
Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and maintaining a nutritious diet will set you up for good health and well being.  Read More >>
Comparison of Top 10 Diets
If you are confused by what you are seeing and reading when it comes to weight loss, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Right now the top 10 diets represent a mixed bag of the good and the questionable.  Read More >>
Your Pregnancy Diet
One of the joys of being pregnant is that “going on a diet” is out of the question! However, this doesn’t give you permission to eat everything in sight either. Be clever about what you eat.  Read More >>
Maximising your Diet Plans
Choose a diet plan that works for you and if need be, tweak it to your liking – just make sure you don’t deviate from the fundamentals too much and always use a food diary to track your progress.  Read More >>
Does Dieting Work
While it’s tempting to try to lose weight quickly by starving yourself under the guise of a “diet”, be careful as many fad diets are low in nutrients and will ultimately slow down your metabolism making the job even harder.  Read More >>
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