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Maximising your Diet Plans

OK, so you are on a diet again – and as always it’s a damn hard slog. There you are full of good intentions and positive affirmations yet without fail you fall off the wagon time and time again, and end up putting on even more weight than before. It’s demoralising and depressing, and it shouldn’t be this hard, right? 

Yep, you’re right. It shouldn’t be this hard and it isn’t. Here’s why. The trick is to sift through all the diets on offer and find one that suits you and your lifestyle. For instance, there is little point in choosing a high protein, meat based diet, if you don’t like meat. Similarly, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, best to avoid diet shakes that are invariably sweet. And if you love to dine out regularly, a pre-prepared, packaged meal plan is hardly going to cut it. 

So, first choose a diet plan that works for you and if need be, tweak it to your liking – just make sure you don’t deviate from the fundamentals too much. 



Next, start a food diary to assess your current eating habits. 

Using a food diary is invaluable when it comes to developing diet plans. For a start, record your food intake for three days then evaluate what can be improved and where you think you may be going wrong. Are you getting all the nutrients that you need or are you tired and grumpy because you are missing out on a vital food group? Are you drinking enough water, eating enough fibre, and getting enough energy from your food? Are you drinking too much alcohol or too many sugary drinks?


Once you systematically go through your eating habits with metaphorical ticks and crosses, you may find that you have a better idea why you seem unable to stick to a diet. 

So, assess what changes you can make to ensure this weight loss journey is as easy as possible for you. If it’s too hard, you just won’t last the distance. That’s not because you’re weak willed it’s simply human nature. 

Set yourself some goals as well. Goal setting is great to help you meet your objectives and gives you direction and a sense of purpose. This strategy really does work when it comes to dieting. 


Diet Plans - Prepare

Go shopping and stock up on the food you need. Again, it’s all about making it as easy for you as possible. You don’t want to be thinking about this diet 24/7. You just want it to happen without too much effort on your part which is why planning is fundamental to your success. 

Do try these suggestions and see if they make a difference to your diet plans. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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