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Exercise for Weight Loss


21 motivation tips to get you moving

The hardest part is getting started. You may have a plan in your head and good intentions but sometimes we just need that kick in the butt to get us moving. So how can we stay motivated, to stay active, all year round?

Resistance Band Training for Women
For sculpting and toning your body resistance band training for women is a real winner. No need to strain yourself lifting heavy weights but you still get the benefit of strength training which helps to fight a droopy posture, flabby arms and a mummy tummy.   Read More >>
Running for Weight Loss
What they don’t tell you, probably because they don’t know, is that while you do lose considerable weight from running, there is a severe cost in terms of muscle wastage.  Read More >>
The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast
Walking is the best exercise to lose weight fast. Why? Because as hunter-gatherers we were built for walking. It’s what we do best and it’s by far the best exercise to lose weight fast.  Read More >>
Weight Training for Weight Loss
If you remain fit and strong you are able to do more exertive and continuous exercise which is great for your metabolism and ultimately for keeping your weight in check - so using weight training for weight loss makes a lot of sense.  Read More >>
Walking For Weight Loss
Walking for weight loss actually works, in fact we see it as one of the bets forms of exercise to help you lose weight. Our nutritionists discuss this in more detail and we look at when walking can provide the most benefit  Read More >>
Yoga for Weight Loss
Our nutritionists like yoga because it’s a low intensity movement that builds strength, stamina and flexibility. On its own yoga won’t do a lot for weight loss but if you combine it with other exercises like walking then it can be of great benefit  Read More >>
Cycle and Get Fit
Cycling is a great exercise. It’s fun, a great stress reliever and an ideal low-impact activity especially if you have low fitness levels or sore joints. A daily half hour ride is all you need to stay fit and healthy.  Read More >>
Weight Loss Workouts
If only weight loss workouts were easy. Finding a workout program that will enable you to lose weight as well as improve your fitness is actually not as easy as it sounds. Our nutritionists discuss this in more detail.  Read More >>
Swimming for Weight Loss
If you are swimming for weight loss and not just for health and fitness reasons, this form of exercise may not be your best option. Our experts discuss why this could be the case.  Read More >>
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