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Bodytrim System for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss




The Bodytrim® System features 3 phases to your weight loss success:

Phase 1:  Eliminate cravings and jump-start weight loss

This is the shortest phase and lasts for three days.  It is designed to kick-start your weight loss, help manage your cravings, and get you motivated for phase 2.

Phase 2:  Lose weight steadily

This is the main weight loss phase and is designed to work to your goals and is dictated by you.

Phase 3: Maintain for life

This is the life-long phase of the plan and is designed for once you have reached your weight loss goal. By now, you’ve adapted to the Bodytrim® lifestyle and you will learn how to sustain your weight loss with the Bodytrim® Weight Maintenance approach.


What is in the Bodytrim kit?

Everything you need to begin, and continue on, your weight loss journey including:  


8 DVD’s & CD’s - packed with information, instruction and motivation including The Weight Loss Equation, Bodytrim® Supermarket Tour, and Eating Out For Weight Loss


Comprehensive Reference Guide – this Bodytrim® ‘bible’ tells you all you need to know and also includes over 150 mouth-watering recipes

  Food Diary – to help you meet your daily food, water and pedometer goals, and record your progress
  Electronic Pedometer – to count your daily steps
  Tape Measure – to help you keep track as body fat melts away
4 weeks FREE membership to Trim Club -includes phone or email nutrionist advice; 24 hr online support community including forum and chat room; the motivational Bodytrim® Accelerator Series to help you every step of the way; hundreds of additional recipes;  online video cooking classes; and a range of weight loss tools such as meal planners, Bodytrim® TV, Online success and results Tracker, Visual Transformation Technique
and Goal Setting System, articles and much more new content every week for the whole family



What you'll eat

With Bodytrim® you’ll eat more regularly, enjoying six delicious meals a day  and weigh less. You’ll discover that food is your friend, not your enemy.  You’ll also be able to enjoy foods you love, so there’s no need to feel deprived. Bodytrim® will guide you through weight loss challenges such as what to eat when you’re on the go, how to survive office parties, and what to order when you eat out. Plus with access to hundreds of our mouth-watering diet recipes, you’ll never be short of delicious meal ideas.


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