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Gout & Bodytrim

By Daisy Wood

What is gout?

Gout is a painful condition where uric acid builds up in joint areas of your body such as your elbow, fingers, toes, ankles and wrist.

The uric acid build up is a result of either your body producing too much or the kidneys not being able to remove the uric acid build up properly.


What increases my risk of gout?

•    hereditary factors
•    being overweight
•    drinking alcohol
•    over-eating
•    not drinking enough fluids
•    having high blood pressure

How can I reduce the risk gout?

•    Aim to maintain your weight within the healthy weight range
•    Reduce your blood pressure
•    Ensure you are well hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day
•    Reduce or eliminate your intake of alcohol
•    Reduce your salt intake
•    Limit your intake of foods high in purines

What should I do if I suffer from gout and want to follow the Bodytrim program?

The great news is that many of the above factors are  part of the Bodytrim program such as ensuring you are drinking enough water (at least 2 litres per day) and eliminating your intake of alcohol (this would be restricted to a couple of drinks on your free day only).  The weight loss that would come from following Bodytrim would also help to reduce gout as you get closer to a healthy weight range.

Foods that are high in purines need to be avoided as do foods high in salt. Below are a list of foods to avoid whilst on Bodytrim, if you suffer from gout:

•    anchovies
•    sardines
•    offal foods such as liver, kidney
•    gravy
•    stock cubes
•    meat and yeast extracts (e.g. vegemite)
•    beer and other alcohol.
•    Deli Meat (in particular deli ham) only buy salt reduced varieties
•    Jarred sauces & condiments (only buy salt reduced varieties)

•    Incorporate vegetarian options into the program such as cottage & ricotta cheese, seafood, tofu, lentils, legumes (chickpeas) and beans.
•    Always buy salt reduced varieties of foods
•    Use fresh herbs, spices and lemon/lime juice to add flavor to dishes instead of jarred condiments


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