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Help Shed Extra Pounds

By Maria Anderson

Do you need to break through a weight loss plateau or just want to speed up your weight loss? Using the food diary you received in the Bodytrim pack may help take your weight loss to the next level…

If you haven’t used it yet, then you should give it a go.

You see, using a food diary is a great technic to help track what you are eating, the reasons why you're eating those foods and help you get in tune with your true hunger cues.

If you go to see a dietitian they usually recommend you complete 3 day food diary before the first meeting. The reasons are that a food diary is a very powerful tool to help you become more up to date with your eating habits. It will also help the dietitian understand your eating behaviors and so forth be able to give you advice and assist you through your weight loss journey. A great weight loss instrument!

Documenting what you eat can help keep you on track, and most people find that they think about the foods before they eat them, which can avoid unnecessary carbs sneaking in to your diet. There is evidence that keeping a food diary can assist weight loss.

For many of us, remembering to eat a snack every 3 hours may be a challenge. Why not put it on paper and you are less likely to forget. Most people who have kept a food journal agree it works!

Now, a food diary is basically a detailed log of all the foods and drinks you consume. Start off with a one week trial. Even if you think you are following the Bodytrim diet to the letter, you’ll probably be surprised at how many “bad foods” sneak into your day. Starting the food diary you received in your kit today may help you stay motivated and on track.

And this is what you do...

… try to record everything as you go and don’t rely on your memory. Small, but yet important foods can easily be forgotten. Remember they all add up in the end.

.… aim to write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink. Even that sneaky piece of chocolate!

…if possible, try to use scales or estimate the amount of food or fluid (not absolutely necessary but it will help you manage your portion sizes).

.… also note thoughts and feelings next to the foods. This will help bring awareness to emotions associated with cravings, over eating and bad habits.

Note: the success of keeping a food journal lies in being absolutely honest.Indeed, a food diary is a very powerful tool to assit weight loss. It can help you stop and rethink – is this a good food choice? Also, reading through your food diary will help assess your feelings related foods, give you more control and put you in charge of most situations.

You may agree that food is one of the most influential things in our lives and managing a healthy diet can sometimes be both frustrating and challenging. Here is a thought from Vince Lombardi a great American football coach: ‘It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up” Some days you may get off track. But that’s okay, you can pick yourself back up and start again.    

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