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Reduce Health Risks of Weight Gain & Obesity

You Press the Button – We program Your Body to Lose Weight


The reason you’ve likely failed on other weight loss diets is because you haven’t been shown the science of weight loss and how foods can be your best friend - not worst enemy – in winning the weight loss battle.

You can change this in just one evening with Bodytrim – all you need to do is… 

Get off the Treadmill - running won't make you thin

The moment you get the package in the mail, simply walk into your lounge room, pop in the first DVD and press “play.”

Then get ready to discover how this simple step-by-step plan can help you manage your body’s hormones for weight loss - not with shakes, pills and meal replacements… but using real food from your local supermarket. 


As you begin watching the DVD’s, you'll learn techniques to help speed up your resting metabolism...lose weight by eating more regularly, not less...apply the zig-zag secret so you can eat chocolate, lollies ice-cream and cake without guilt...manage cravings for fattening foods…

...have greater available energy from weight loss…improved health…and much, much more.

One thing’s for sure, with Bodytrim… 

  BTAdvant_LandingPage_v1_13.png You’ll never have to starve yourself. 
  BTAdvant_LandingPage_v1_13-(1).png You’ll never have to eat bland foods that taste like cardboard
  BTAdvant_LandingPage_v1_13-(2).png You’ll never have to give up the foods you love

You’ll find eight instructional and motivational DVD’s & CD’s inside the kit, together with a comprehensive reference guide (over 200 pages), food diary, tape measure, electronic pedometer, over 150 delicious fat burning recipes and membership into the exclusive Trim Club designed to … 


Overcome the Hidden Reason Why Most Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work 


Believe it or not, the various components of an online program including SOCIAL SUPPORT can be an important reason why people either fail or succeed on a weight loss program,.

I’m not joking.  Here’s what a 6-month study (2001) published in the Journal of the American Medical Association uncovered… 

In a first of its kind, it showed that overweight adults in an online weight loss program were able to lose weight and even maintain their weight loss.

Further, a 2012 Cochrane review conclusively showed that an online weight loss program is an effective strategy for producing better weight loss results and weight maintenance in comparison to minimal intervention-type programs.


With Bodytrim you get… 

4 Week FREE* Online Membership to Trim Club

Here’s What You Get:

BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(1).pngNutritional “Ask an Expert” Support: 


Don’t pay $80 an hour for a nutritionist. We have nutritionists available via our forum (or 1-on1 over the phone) to answer all your questions about cravings, busting through plateaus, boosting motivation, increasing energy levels from weight loss, establishing good habits and much, much more. 

BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(2).pngHundreds of extra recipes & online video cooking classes: 

Lost for ideas on what to cook tonight? Want to do something different to tantalise your taste buds? Just log into Trim Club and choose from thousands of meals including real videos which show you exactly how to prepare and cook your Bodytrim approved meals…step-by-step.  


BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(3).png24/7 online support community, including forum and chat room:


There’s nothing like having the support of friends who are going through the same journey or who have walked the walked and succeeded with flying colours. You’ll find hundreds of people just like you in our forum – it’s the hippest weight loss community in town where all your friends will be hanging out.

BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(4).pngThe New Accelerator Series to help you through the initial stages: 

This is the equivalent of having Geoff Jowett looking over your shoulder and coaching you through the hurdles you may face along your weight loss journey. It’s like having him there with you as your personal coach.


BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(5).pngOnline Weight Loss Success & Results Tracker:


According to best-selling author, Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets done.” The simple act of paying attention to your actions and how they impact your weight will cause you to make connections you never did before. Enter your results into our “tracker” and see motivational proof  that Bodytrim is working as you drop the kgs.

BT_CHALLENGE_LandingPage_v2_19-(7).pngVisual Transformation Technique and Goal Setting System: 

Get your mind working with your body by mastering the science of thinking trim.

Plus, much much more

including Bodytrim TV (scan from our list of shows whenever you need a question answered), online webinars, monthly “LIVE” transformation seminars with Geoff Jowett (in a city near you) and much more new content every week.
*$14.95 postage and handling. Credit card holders only. Terms and conditions apply. Go to www.bodytrim.com.au/free-trial to find out how this offer works.



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