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Low Carb Diet


The benefits of a low carb diet
For safe and effective weight loss a low carb diet will not only help with rapid weight loss but will bring many other benefits to your weight loss journey.
The unhealthy low carb diet food pyramid
Centuries ago before any technology existed, mankind lived off the land. There was no MacDonald’s; no such things as pasta or bread or cakes or crackers. Humans existed as their bodies were intended and created – we lived as hunter gatherers.  Read More >>
What you might be lacking on a low carb diet

The truth is, yes there are vital nutrients you could be lacking BUT the good news is, with a bit of forward planning you can easily ensure you get all your body needs. So what are the key nutrients you could be lacking and how do you ensure you get enough?

The top 5 foods to avoid on a low carb diet

Low carb diets should consist of mainly lean protein options and lots of vegetables and salad, with limited carbohydrate rich foods.Our top 5 foods to avoid on a low carb diet include:

Low Carbohydrate Snacks and Meals
Today low carbohydrate snacks and meals are the preferred option of most weight loss experts. Our experts talk about what they like to eat for lunch and dinner.  Read More >>
Low Carbohydrate Foods
Sticking with low carbohydrate foods can help you increase your fat burning potential and tap into an efficient source of almost unlimited energy. Bodytrim provide you with details of what exactly entails as a low carbohydrate food.  Read More >>
Low Carb Diet
Low carb diet is the big thing these days and for a good reason. But what exactly is a carbohydrate? Our experts explain why carbohydrates are a useful part of any diet  Read More >>
Low and No Carbohydrate Diet Plan
Embarking on a low and no carbohydrate diet plan is easier than you think. To kick start your weight loss we recommend no carbohydrates for three days followed by a low carbohydrate diet plan.  Read More >>
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