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Low GI Diet Plan


For some people, eating 'good' carbohydrates such as whole grains, wholemeal bread, and fresh fruits may make weight loss impossible, even though these are regarded as healthy, low GI (glycemic index) foods.  

Low GI Diet Plan

If this is you, make sure your low GI diet plan includes more vegetables, salads and protein foods and leaves out bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. Alternatively, you could try some simple substitutions.

For instance, in place of wholemeal bread, substitute bread made with flours from healthy, low carb flax seeds, almonds, soya beans, hemp or sesame seeds instead of high carb wheat, rye or corn.

Similarly, if you can tolerate more carbohydrate foods, particularly if you are very physically active, you can increase these in quantity and frequency (but only the 'good' carbs, and not at the expense of your vegetables, proteins and salads!)

Once you find a Low GI diet plan that suits you make sure you have a good range of low GI snacks to have in addition to your three meals each day.

Here are some great snack ideas to go with your Low GI diet plan that are both healthy and weight loss friendly:


   Cottage cheese and raw vegetable sticks
   Plain yoghurt and berries
   Raw carrot sticks and hummus
   Celery sticks spread with a little cream cheese
   Raw zucchini sticks and tzatziki (Greek yoghurt mixed with cucumber, garlic and mint)
   Raw capsicum  sticks with a small piece of cheese
   Small quantity of nuts, especially almonds, brazils, walnuts and hazelnuts
   Small quantity of seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin or hemp
   High protein nutrition bar (but check it is not high in added sugars)
   Low carb nutrition bar
   Rye crispbread with butter and vegemite
   ¼ avocado with vinaigrette dressing
   A few olives
   Small tin of oily fish in tomato sauce or olive oil




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