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“What our children eat and drink is so important.”

Meg's Bodytrim Story

Being 42-years-old and a mother of three, I started to believe that my body was in as good shape as could be expected.

Every time I tried a new diet and I only lost a couple of kilos, I would give up and accept that this is just the way my body will look from now on.  I wasn't huge but we all have our goals and I can remember the size and shape I used to be. It was frustrating that I couldn’t get my old body back despite all of the diets I had been trying.

I had always been a size 8 until I reached almost 30-years-old, and I noticed I was slowly getting bigger. Suddenly my size 12 clothes were too tight and they looked awful. When I went out shopping for new clothes and I would try something new on, I was always so disappointed with how I looked. Generally I wouldn't buy anything.

Complacent, happy and comfortable... but overweight

Having children isn’t necessarily the reason behind the increase in my weight, it just became a good excuse. I think after I found a partner, I became complacent, happy and comfortable. Before I knew it, I was eating the same portion sizes as him, and sharing the same bad food habits but not caring about the consequences.

When you’re in love, your partner then becomes your husband and he grows accustom to your new bigger size, and I know, my husband would never have said I looked overweight or unattractive.

Sister inspiration

My sister had been on a health kick for about three years and she was looking fantastic. I had always been the smaller of us two, and seeing her looking so well, encouraged me to do something about my own weight gain. It was the kick I needed, I finally decided that this is it, I’m going to do it, I want my body back.

After seeing the Bodytrim system advertised on the television, I spoke to my friend, Tanya about it and we decided to do it together, in fact she had already ordered it. The reason we both were initially attracted to the programme was the lack of exercise that you had to commit to. We both have limited spare time, so this sounded perfect.

I think the mental commitment of buying the pack makes you feel enthused, and I was ready to go. It took a couple of weeks to arrive and I was busting to start. Tanya had already started and was getting great results, she was just finding it so easy to follow.

Three colleagues and I all started Bodytrim around the same time. One lady, still hugs my sister every time she sees her for putting her onto the programme. She had lost 35kg in three years following a variety of diets that always left her starving. Suddenly, she lost 15kg in no time at all on Bodytrim and never feels hungry.

I coped really well with the three day detox and I couldn't believe how the cravings had disappeared. Over the next three months, I lost 10kgs with little effort, and I just didn’t feel the need to fall off the wagon and break the guidelines of the program.

The weight's staying off!

My target weight loss was approximately 7kgs, which I smashed and have now maintained for five months now.

The flexibility of the programme has meant that when I need to indulge a little on special occasions, I can. A perfect is example is when I recently I went away for a week. I had decided I wouldn't worry too much about what I was eating so I could really enjoy the food and wine. I gained 2kgs over the holiday, so I went straight into the three day detox again when I came home. In less than a week later, I had lost the extra kilos. What an easy system Bodytrim is, I am now a size 8 again and I can't believe it.

My body has shrunk

I never in a million years thought I would be able to achieve this. One of the most amazing things I have noticed is my weight hasn’t changed on the scales in the past five months but my body has shrunk in places I didn’t think were possible. My body is back to its pre 30’s shape. My husband has become so sick of me going into the walking wardrobe and coming out in yet another outfit I hadn’t been able to wear for so long.

Initially some of my old clothes were still too tight, or I was unable to do them up, now they are a perfect fit and I still can’t believe it.

My husband: the Bodytrim convert

Six months later, my husband has also been converted. He too had come around to the idea of giving the Bodytrim a try. He was all too familiar with the system, having heard me talk about Bodytrim so much.

Paul was only 10kgs overweight, and in the first week alone, he had lost six of those. He has now lost 8kg in eight weeks, and only has a few more to go before reaching his target weight. He has found the programme as easy to follow as me.

Calling all mothers

Bodytrim has made such an impact on my life, I want to tell everyone how easy it is. I have to stop myself from talking to complete strangers about the system. I see mothers every day that I know must feel like I did and I know Bodytrim could change their world too but it's bordering on rude to approach strangers and let them in on this amazing weight loss system. So instead I tell everyone I know I can get away with telling, and my husband rolls his eyes every time I begin explaining the programme to someone new, I just can’t help myself!

More Bodytrim converts...

My four friends from work who all started the programme with me have similar success stories. Nat has had amazing results, she has lost 41.5kg in six months and she looks fantastic. I can’t begin to tell you how her confidence has improved, I am so proud of her.

Greta is 67-yrs-old and has lost 13kg. Her doctor is amazed with the weight loss and her improved cholesterol levels as a result. Shedding the extras kilos has also helped to relieve the pressure on her joints after two knee and hip replacements, suddenly moving around is pain free and easy for her.

I know I go on about the effects Bodytrim has had on me and the people around me, but I feel so good about what I started in my little circle of friends and colleagues, I can't imagine the buzz that Geoff must get from what he has started.

All of my friends feel as strongly about the system as I do. They tell as many people as they can. It blows me away.

Improving my family’s health

My family’s health is at the forefront of mind and the Bodytrim system has encouraged me to question how I feed my children. They are all under five years old, and I have become conscious of the amount of bread I am serving them.

What our children eat and drink is so important. I run a tourist adventure park where all the bad foods are on tap. We have made it a rule that chips and nuggets are allowed once a week, only when the kids are at the park with me, and that's probably too often.

Sadly, sitting in my office I see it all walking past me, little kids that are overweight with overweight parents, what chance do they have? I have friends who don’t like to discuss obesity with their children as it could be detrimental to them. I believe that good food and what and when we should eat should be discussed and brought to their attention. There are ways of introducing this system to the kids without it becoming a big deal and treats should be just that, a treat.

Looking and feeling good

And look what Bodytrim has done for me. It has transformed how I feel about myself. I’m not a big shopper, but now I can chose something that I know will look good on me, buying new clothes has become so much more enjoyable, I haven’t felt like that for years.

My world now consists of people commenting on how good I am looking. My parents and my mother-in- law seem to tell everyone they are around, and there is no doubt that it has made me feel pretty good about myself when I hear it so often.

Every time I walk along with my kids that are still so little, I feel fantastic just knowing although I am mum, I have the same body I had ten years before motherhood.

My weight loss has been significant to me. It may have been only two dress sizes I needed to lose, but everyone has their own idea of what and how they should look, and their own goal to achieve.

Listening and watching the people around me lose weight on the programme has also been fantastic. I love helping people and I get a buzz from other people’s achievements too. I really can't recommend Bodytrim highly enough and my next goal is to increase my exercise regime and get ready for my up and coming skiing trip. I know I can do it.

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