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“I’m no longer a terrible role model for my kids.”

Nicolas story on losing weight

This is an extract from my Bodytrim transformation diary:

I am 35, a working mum of 2 and at 103kg, the photos tell the truth… I am overweight, and have no idea how I got here. I am a terrible role model for my kids, I am depressed, and I am hopeless at trying to do this myself.

I quizzed a friend’s weight loss: How? Was it hard? Excessive exercise? Expensive? Shakes or rabbit food?   Answers: Bodytrim and no, no, no, no.

I want to share the elated weight loss feeling. I document small goals and take photos for my transformation diary.  I have a terrible feeling of ‘what have I gotten myself into?!’  The support offered by not only my mentor (Deb Sharp), but also Bodytrim is awesome.  The lifestyle change wasn’t daunting. I told no one about my new lifestyle (determined not to call this a diet… this will be forever), and embraced detox.

This Will Be Forever

This lifestyle is easily adaptable to family life. I stopped driving to my daily work pickup, instead getting up at 4.45am and walking, getting in my planned walk for the day without changing my lifestyle radically.

Supported by mentor sessions and encouragement from Bodytrim my weight started to drop. Bodytrim  has helped me with heartening words and invaluable advice.

My Results

I am feeling the elated weight loss feeling! I love my Bodytrim transformation and the self worth it has given me, also the compliments that others bestow upon me.  I am a more important part of my family now as I am looking after myself as well as everyone else. I look back and wonder who that nervous, horrible, weird person was last year, and thanks to Bodytrim she has gone! I no longer have to put on a happy front, I am genuinely happy.

If there’s one thing I have learnt from Bodytrim it is that overweight people are mean, we are mean to ourselves, mean to skinny people and even meaner to those losing weight. The headspace of overweight people needs to change, and Bodytrim is achieving that!  Thanks to everyone at Bodytrim & my mentor; my life has changed exponentially. Bodytrim is the secret that has made me a good mum; I can play with my kids without them asking after a couple of minutes “are you puffed out mummy?” The sinking feeling when photographs are being taken has all but vanished.


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