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"I lost 11kg in 12 weeks which for me is amazing." 

After trying numerous diets and exercise plans I was almost ready to give up ... until I saw an ad for Bodytrim in a magazine.

Food is not the enemy

At first I was sceptical.  Why would this system work when all the others have failed?

But it did work because Bodytrim is a weight loss plan that is a lifestyle not a diet.  And it worked because I no longer saw food as the enemy but as the secret to my success.

Sweaty exercise is futile

Bodytrim taught me that killing myself with hours and hours of sweaty exercise was futile and that eating carrots and celery sticks would do nothing at all to ensure long term weight loss.

It’s about type and timing of food

What I learnt was that sustainable weight loss is not about how many calories you eat or how much exercise you do, it’s about the type and timing of food to control your body’s release of certain metabolic hormones so you automatically burn fat and never feel hungry.

Now I know how to lose weight and keep it off.  Thanks Bodytrim, you have changed my life.  

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