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"If somebody told me a year ago that I would be turning heads in the shortest of little black dresses, I would have laughed, and laughed and laughed!"

But now I am 36kg lighter and the proud owner of a perfect pair of pins, that’s exactly what I am doing and it’s surreal.  I always get compliments on my legs now which is ironic as it was the part of my body I never imagined would ever slim down.

Bodytrim focuses on hormones

For years I had tried a variety of diets and thigh busting exercises only to find that I couldn’t shift weight on my legs.  The reason Bodytrim worked for me is that it’s a system that focuses on hormones because hormones really do hold the key to losing weight, especially in those hard to shift areas.  And I can vouch for that!

Bodytrim literally transformed my shape

The thing is, other weight loss programs don’t discriminate and can’t change where you are biologically programmed to store fat.  But Bodytrim can change a person’s fat storage hormone pattern and it can quite literally transform their shape which is what happened to me.

It’s about flicking the switch

Of course the medical community has known for some time the effect of hormones on rapid weight gain but it’s only now that we are seeing how flicking the switch on the same hormones induces dramatic weight loss.

Bodytrim is scientifically proven

I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily I lost weight on Bodytrim by resetting my hormones.  It really was the easiest thing I have ever done in my whole life – there was no work, no misery and no hunger.  

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