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"Summer, sun and water all spelt swimwear to me, and at 96kg it was a word no longer in my vocabulary."

I had ballooned from a size 8 to a size 18 but it wasn’t until I gained that dreadful bulge that I fully understood how it felt to be overweight and how easily it can happen.  From then on I was in a living hell even though I actually lived in Noosa, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world.

The beach was a nightmare

Summer, sun and water all spelt swimwear to me, and at 96kg it was a word no longer in my vocabulary. However, living in Noosa it was hard to escape the attraction of the crisp blue water, but even a simple trip to the beach became a nightmare for me.

Social embarrassment

It wasn’t just trips to the beach that were painful.  I went though mental anguish attending lunch dates with friends that I referred to as “the beautiful people”.  They looked good, I didn’t.  Still I braved it but what should have been relaxed, enjoyable, social gatherings turned into emotional rollercoaster rides for me.

The turning point

One day someone told me they knew a way I could lose weight.  They told me I would see the results in the first week and not only would I lose the extra weight, I would be able to keep it off.  I was sold.

The first thing I did before I embarked on my Bodytrim journey was to pick out a new swimming costume, one that I would feel confident in – without my trusty baggy t-shirt.  This was my goal.  Four months later, I had shed 25kg and dropped from a size 18 to a size 12.

My transformation

I have never felt more alive or more confident.  I realise that although I am the same person, this whole experience has made me a better person.   What I put myself through was torture.  When a diet does work, we blame ourselves, we believe we have failed, the disappointment is horrible.

Bodytrim has given me confidence and a new lease on life.  It has enabled me to look forward to any occasion.  After years of yo-yo dieting, I believed it would take a miracle to drop the dress sizes that I have.  Bodytrim is my miracle and it truly is a gift.      

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