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How Peter lost 31 kg for his new baby girl


 Peter's story on losing weight

Name Peter Blake
Age 30
Was 116 kg
Lost 31 kg
Weight 85 kg


In 2002 I weighed 78kg, six days a week, 2hrs a day kickboxing, the high intensity took its toll. Although super fit my joints gave out. The downward spiral had begun. Training was replaced with eating finally my metabolism stopped.

Late last year I peaked at 116kgs. My doctor told me I’m obese and I'll die early. With a new baby girl I made a promise to myself to shed some kg’s and get my life back on track. It seemed like an impossible task, given what it took to be fit back in 2002. 



Discovering Bodytrim…

In a desperate move I decided to spend a lot of money on a nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer etc. For some strange reason I was flicking through New Idea and came across the Bodytrim Ad. I assumed it to be a scam, rubbish and BS but I called up anyhow & got the spiel. It didn’t change my perception but I thought what the hell I’ll give it a month or two. I kept it quiet from everyone (from fear and expectation of failure) except my wife who kept me on-track and focused. To my surprise, around 1 month the comments started. 4 months later I had shed 30 kg’s and still counting.  


How has Bodytrim changed my life.....


  • Bodytrim got me off the lounge
  • I can fit comfortably in my old clothes 
  • I’m now something my daughter Ruby can be proud of.
  • Most importantly I now have the knowledge to stay thin, fit and healthy forever with next to zero effort.   That’s a very comforting feeling.
  • I feel like I owe my life to Geoff. Very emotional when I think about it, I’m so grateful, thanks Bodytrim!!!


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