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High Protein Snacks

Many commercially produced high protein snacks and energy bars are commonly dubbed glorified candy bars because of their high sugar content so make sure you check out the ingredients before you buy.  

However, with a plethora of these bars and snacks now flooding the market, it can be hard to work out which ones are worth the expense.  While we always advocate fresh food is best, some commercially produced high protein snacks offer a great alternative to fresh food especially for time poor people looking for a healthy, guilt-free indulgence in between meals.

High Protein Snacks

Here’s a useful high protein snack checklist for you:

  • Always look for high protein snacks minus the sugar content
  • Bars that contain natural ingredients for sustainable energy are best   
  • Avoid those high in trans fat   
  • Try to find snacks that are both low carb and high protein   
  • Added vitamins and minerals is also a good look   
  • Gluten and wheat free snacks are great for those with food intolerances    
  • Some high protein snacks even come packed with high fibre which is a bonus   
  • Low GI is another good benefit in a high protein snack bar or packaged food

So, if you want your protein source delivered in a credible but delicious format, be discerning, study those labels and importantly, try before your buy (in bulk).  After all, if it doesn’t taste great it’s no good to you at all!

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