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Weight Loss

How to lose weight in a week in a healthy way
When considering different methods of how to lose weight in a week, there are a number of drastic measures that can be taken. Programs that cause very rapid weight loss in just a weeks’ time are normally very restrictive and also don’t do you any favours for the long term.
Unhealthy products that promote fast weight loss
The market is responding to this need for fast weight loss with a number of products that claim exactly that. The problem is that not all of these products are healthy and they often don’t deliver on their claims.  Read More >>
Is fast weight loss sustainable?
There are a number of programs and products available that do result in fast weight loss but the question is - how sustainable is fast weight loss?  Read More >>
Best tips on how to lose weight in a week
Sometimes weight loss can be a slow...and tough!- At the end of the day we all want that ‘quick fix so we can be looking and feeling our best.  Most often, just before a special occasion we want to speed up the process and find out how to lose weight in a week.  Read More >>
Discover what weight loss programs are hiding from you

So amidst the promises of rapid weight loss through following one of the many diets on the market, what are the majority of these weight loss programs really hiding from you? 

How to lose weight in a week before an event

Big events like weddings and parties usually have a way of sneaking  up on you and before you know it you’ve only got a week to get yourself into shape and looking great. While you can’t expect to lose a massive amount of weight in just one week  there are some tips you can apply

How to lose weight in a week without starving
Have you ever been on a weight loss program that was so unbearable because you found yourself so hungry that you couldn’t think straight, or focus on anything other than food? Well what if losing weight didn’t have to be so difficult and you could actually eat more to lose weight!  Read More >>
safe weight loss after pregnancy

Pregnancy and the birth of your new arrival is an exciting and busy time for most mother’s but not far from many new mum’s minds is the thought of getting that pre-baby body back again! 

The best 3 nutrients for fast weight loss
When it comes to weight loss there are a number of different pills and supplements on the market claiming fast results but the most effective way to lose weight is by including three key nutrients in your diet which will help your body more efficiently burn fat.   Read More >>
The best method for fast weight loss and why
While weight loss can take time there are different products, diets and programs out there claiming fast weight loss. So with all methods available which one is the best to have you shedding the kilos quickly? 
weight loss tips for overcomming plateus

There is nothing more frustrating than putting in hard work week after week and watching your weight loss come to a standstill after a good start! But there is some good news, so keep reading. 

Why you shouldn’t attempt to lose weight using HCG

The term “HCG” stands for, which is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone that is alarmingly being promoted and used in extreme diets as a method of being able to lose weight. 

How to lose weight and still maintain your social life

Celebrations and social occasions are common occurrence in our yearly calendar. While these events can be a lot of fun they can also be problematic if you are trying to lose weight.

The effects of weight loss programs on children

Kids are wearing adult style clothing at younger and younger ages and becoming more concerned about self-image just like us. So, what impact do weight loss programs have on your children? 

How to lose weight fast as you age

Age is just one of the many factors commonly used as a reason for putting off a lifestyle change, however in reality there is no such thing as being “too old” to make new habits.

Will increasing your fibre intake help you lose weight fast
When it comes to weight loss, most people want a quick fix. There are many ways to lose weight fast however one way that may be overlooked is through the humble and healthy, Fibre.  Read More >>
When you lose weight fast, what are the benefits

Overweight and obesity are lifestyle conditions that affect 62% of adults in Australia. That’s a pretty big statistic. Women alone are said to spend a whopping $400 million per year on weight loss programs.

How to lose weight fast without feeling hungry

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in on the secret of how to lose weight fast- yet without having to go hungry? Well now you can enjoy being able to lose weight without starving yourself.

Can diabtetes improve when you lose weight

 Often weight gains is a major cause of Type 2 Diabetes, so with this in mind what about weight loss? Can it help to improve type 2 diabetes?

Crazy weight loss tips and trends

It’s remarkable the lengths we will go to in order to achieve an ideal weight, and often we can lose sight of what is really important, which is accomplishing our goals in a way that allows us to improve our over-all health. 

Effects of eating disorders on weight loss and health

While weight loss is usually a positive experience for a healthier lifestyle, occasionally we can go too far in our efforts to achieve the illusive ‘perfect figure’ which can result in the development of an eating disorder.

How to lose weight while staying a positive

Weight loss can be an uphill battle at the best of times, it is not an easy task to undergo but the end reward is worth the work. With this in mind, many people should know how to lose weight while remaining positive

20 things that trigger weight loss
During the Bodytrim challenge weekend it became evident that all of the winners had experienced some sort of “trigger event or critical incident” prior to their decision to make “the change”.   Read More >>
What good weight loss programs should show you
There are many different weight loss programs and products available on the market, we are now spoilt for choice. So how on earth do you decipher which ones are good, which ones aren’t and which ones will work?  Read More >>
Key nutrients you need to speed up weight loss
Often we don’t realize is that there is more to successful weight loss than this. There are actually many key essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you required for weight loss. 
Top weight loss tips for the body of your dreams
I’m sure we’ve all had our moments of feeling self-conscious about our bodies at one stage or another. But with a little bit of planning and determination, these weight loss tips can assist you in achieving the body of your dreams.  Read More >>
Unhappy with your ability to lose weight
So, you have been working hard to lose weight but things haven’t shifted as much or as quickly as you would have hoped? Don’t worry this isn’t uncommon. You’re not the only one out there who feels this way.   Read More >>
How to lose weight, the best way!
A lot of companies will say their produce is better than the rest and different people will say different diet programs are the best. Well the truth everyone’s individual’s needs are different and different things work for different people.   Read More >>
How to lose weight fast and keep it off!
After deciding you want to lose weight the next question is almost always ‘how to lose weight fast?’ and how do I keep it off? Well there are a variety of different choices out there for you to choose from to start your weight loss journey   Read More >>
Is it safe to lose weight
After making the decision to lose weight, getting to your goal weight as quickly as possible is the next target. Before commencing your diet you should consider whether it is safe to lose weight fast.   Read More >>
How thyroid conditions affect weight loss
Ever tried different things to lose weight with only limited success? Well there might just be something you haven’t thought about, whats that? It is your thyroid function.   Read More >>
How To Lose Weight Fast, Safely
Who doesn’t want to know the secret of being able to lose weight fast? And more importantly, being able to lose the weight in a safe and maintainable way.
Struggling to Lose weight at the end
Ever heard people say the last 5 or so kg is the hardest to lose? And now that you are getting to this point you are finding the same thing? Well its true the last little bit can be the hardest to shift. 
The problem with many weight loss programs
Unfortunately, while many weight loss programs promise to help you lose weight, they don’t provide you with the know-how in order to keep it off.   Read More >>
Weight Loss Tips From The French
Weight loss tips; suddenly everyone is an expert and seems to have a method they swear by. So what weight loss tips could we possibly take from a typical French diet, you may ask?
Misconceptions about how to lose weight
There are many myths and misconceptions about weight loss, did your best friend suggest using a certain product to help boost your weightloss but your neighbor swears by a particular diet but then ‘Dr Google’ says it is a hazard to your health? So what is true and what is false?   Read More >>
What happens when you lose weight fast?
Ok, let’s start with the positives! It’s a fact, we all like to see results. Losing those first few kilos can mean that you are once again able fit into that pair of jeans you’ve had pushed to the back of your cupboard, drop a dress size, or reach a goal that you’ve set for yourself.  Read More >>
Weight Loss Tips for Long term Success
Congratulations. The fact that you are reading this probably means that you are keen to look after your health and investigate some new ways to lose weight.  Read More >>
Weight Loss Secrets
Chances are that for most of your life you’ve been told to eat less fat, count those calories and exercise more. However, there is a lot more to weight loss than this well worn equation.  Read More >>
How To Lose Weight Fast
If you really want to know how to lose weight fast and if you are serious about keeping it off, a high protein low carbohydrate diet is probably your best bet.  Read More >>
Weight Loss Motivation
Keeping motivated when you’re on a weight loss program is essential to achieving your goals. Our weight loss motivation articles provides you with tips to make this achievable- speak to our team for further advice  Read More >>
Weight Loss Tips
You can be forgiven for being totally baffled by the thousands of weight loss tips out there right now offering conflicting advice and in many cases misinformation. How to choose the good from the bad - the right from the wrong?  Read More >>
Weight Loss Plateau – Why does my Weight Stagnate?
Hitting a weight loss plateau can be incredibly discouraging especially when you feel you’ve been doing so well up until now, diligently watching your food intake and adhering to a sensible exercise regime.  Read More >>
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