Low carb diet plan

Embarking on a low carbohydrate diet plan is easier than you think. To kick start your weight loss we recommend no carbohydrates for three days followed by a low carbohydrate diet plan.  Three days of carb detox is usually enough to deplete carbohydrate stores in your body and regulate insulin levels which then sets you up for rapid and sustainable weight loss.

A one-day no carbohydrate diet plan

Breakfast:       2 x boiled eggs and a cup of black tea or coffee
Snack:            50-100 grams of leg ham
Lunch:           150 grams of barbecue chicken (no stuffing)
Snack:            50-100 grams shaved turkey
Dinner:          150 grams of grilled or barbecued fish

During this 3 day phase we recommend you drink plenty of water and avoid pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles, pastries, dairy, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, lollies, confectionary, biscuits, non-diet soft drinks, fruit juice, nuts, and all vegetables, fruit and salads.

After three days of no carbs you can start to introduce some complex carbohydrates like vegetables, legumes, wholemeal bread and brown rice – and even a serving of fruit a day for sweetness.

A one-day low carbohydrate diet plan 

Keep your protein portions in line with the no carb diet plan as above.

Breakfast:    Light ham and egg on a piece of wholemeal toast
Snack:         One chicken drumstick in soy marinade and an apple
Lunch:         Tuna and tabouli salad
Snack:         Cherry tomatoes wrapped in prosciutto
Dinner:        Steak and salad

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