Andrew Knox – Lost 90kg

Initially my goal was to lose anywhere from 30 to 40 kilos. I figured because I was such a big guy to start with any loss would have been good, but yeah, I’m now down to 90 kilos and it’s phenomenal. Every person I see now that hasn’t seen me in a while either, walks right past or they’re just blown away. That’s probably the only way to describe it.

My mum bursts into tears as soon as I walk into the house.

Probably the biggest thing was going home to my mum, who hadn’t seen me for about six months, she burst into tears as soon as I walk in. She knew that I’d been losing weight and that I’d done quite well, but she was absolutely gobsmacked because she’s had a big kid for such a long time. Family members are equally blown away because it’s pretty life-changing. They’re all inspired and they reckon I’m an inspiration to everyone, it’s really nice hearing that.

I was in the changing rooms for a bit longer because there were tears welling up.

Losing 90kg you notice a huge difference in clothing. A monstrous milestone for me was my first smaller size work pants. Initially it was, “Belt’s got to go a bit tighter, bit tighter, bit tighter, need a new belt.”  One day I walked into work and the girls are like, “You need new pants because you look ridiculous, you are actually wearing parachute pants now.” I went down two whole sizes, which was amazing but I was in the changing rooms for a bit longer because tears welled up because it was just such a new experience. No more walking into a store and asking, “What’s the biggest you got?”

Probably my biggest message is that it is to work hard and be consistent.

Consistency is probably my biggest thing that I’ve gotten out of it, and you do need to follow it, but it is easy once you get through the initial stages. Quite literally, as soon as you see change, it falls off and you just want to keep going, another week, another week, another week, and it just keeps snowballing, and it really does snowball. I’m tiny now compared to what I used to be and it’s all because of just sticking at it. You have tough times, and nobody’s perfect but you definitely have a lot more good days once you start to get that rolling effect. You start to look towards the good days instead of the bad, and I suppose that’s how I’m here.

Bodytrim has completely changed the way I think about food.

Bodytrim changed the way I think about food, it’s not about slamming protein shakes all day, it’s a lifestyle change, and that was the biggest thing for me because I needed an overhaul. Obviously there are shakes and bars and things like that that you can take through the system, and the chocolate bars are good and the cookies are really tasty.

Helping others to change their lives is an awesome privilege.

Andrew is now a personal trainer, having taken what he learnt on Bodytrim and his life changing experience to help other people change their lives for the better through better nutrition and activity.

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