Angie Florence – Lost 15kg

After a combination of injury, medication and two babies, I had gained about 25kgs and none of the usual tricks were working.

Before Bodytrim

One year ago I was confused. I was “eating right”, exercising and getting absolutely nowhere. After a combination of injury, medication and two babies in quick succession, I had gained about 25kgs in a flash, and none of the usual tricks were working. I felt unfit, unhappy and like a total stranger in my own body. Then I found Bodytrim.

Getting an education

It’s amazing what can happen in a year. I learned that I wasn’t “eating right” and that exercise was not the key to weight loss. Bodytrim taught me not only what to eat and when to eat it but WHY I should eat be eating certain foods. Things clicked and my Bodytrim journey became more than just a weight loss one, it became a life-changing one. Bodytrim has helped me with so much more than just weight loss. My body loves it and lets me know. I’ve never felt healthier and have tonnes of energy. Never again will I suffer with bloating, cramping or lethargy.

Life as I know it

Now I am 21 kilos lighter. How has it changed me? I would have to say, in every way imaginable. I feel like “me” again. I have totally regained my personal confidence and finally feel comfortable in my own skin. This has made me a much happier person and helped me reclaim my sense of fun! The amazing flow-on effect of this means that I’m a happier mum and happier wife; I’m no longer a misery to be around!

Not only that, I feel like I conquered the mountain! People are often blown away by my transformation, but none more so than me. I feel better than I ever did before because with Bodytrim’s support, I won this battle. And there’s no better feeling than triumph.

I have often sought inspiration on the Bodytrim forum and not only did I always find it, it came with bucket loads of support. Now I’m the one sharing my story and offering the same continuing support and encouragement to others as was shown to me when I first kicked off.

Friends ask me if I’m on the Bbdytrim payroll because I freely promote the program whenever anyone asks “How did you do it?”. When something completely turns your life around, and delivers everything it promised, then why on earth wouldn’t you?


*This testimonial was written by a satisfied Bodytrim client. Results cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person.