Brian Stewart – Lost 34kg

Brian Stewart spent a lifetime eating too much of the wrong foods and yo-yo dieting. Since losing 34kgs with Bodytrim his family life has been renewed.

The habits of a lifetime

As a child, I was always fit and very skinny. Weight wasn’t an issue until I hit my 20s and headed for the big lights of Sydney to join the police force. My eating habits changed for the worse.

“Over the next three years I started putting weight on, as you do when you eat takeaway food most of the time, getting bigger and bigger as the years went by.

Over the years I had tried a few different things to lose weight, like magic fat absorbing pills, I even saw a dietician for a while. But all of the gimmicks I had tried were not sustainable; the weight always crept back on.

A family affair

I stuck to the Bodytrim program like glue and my weight is now as low as it has ever been.

But the impact the program has had on my family life has been unbelievable. I feel so much better about myself now and I’ll do things with the family that I would never do before.

I used to take a day-off from work and just be happy to sit around the house and not do much. Now, we’re putting the kids’ bikes in the car, putting the pram in the back of the ute and going into town or nipping out for a walk along the bridge. On a Sunday afternoon we’ll go to local parks and be active together.

And finally, after all of these years, I just don’t have cravings anymore, making it a lot easier to follow the program. I just seem to have grown out of them.

The way I think about food has been completely transformed.

Brian’s top tip:

If I do feel tempted, I’ll write my craving down and have them on my free day.


#  This testimonial was written by a satisfied Bodytrim client. Results cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person.