Danielle Graham – Lost 40kg

Danielle had been overweight since she was a little girl. After seeing Bodytrim Legend Kris Adams lose more than 60kgs, she followed the basics to lose her own 40kgs.

Hiding behind my weight

When I was overweight I looked confident but on the inside I was hurting. I didn’t want to be that person. It just wasn’t who I felt on the inside that was showing on the outside. I would wear clothes to cover me up.

In summer when it was really hot I’d still be covering up my arms and my legs. I’d be so hot because I didn’t want to undress.

This summer, for the first time I wore a singlet top out in public and took the kids to the pool in my little size 8 bathers with little shorts – that was a really euphoric moment. It was just bliss.”

Danielle’s inspiration

Bodytrim Legend, Kris Adams did Bodytrim and slowly the weight was kept coming off and off and off. I saw her and I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, she’s doing something right, what is that one thing she’s doing right?’

I went to her and I said, ‘Look I’m really ready to do this, tell me what you do.’ I went out the next day, got the pack, and that was it.

After the first week I felt fantastic. I’d lost 3.9 kilos and you can feel that. You can feel it in your clothes, you can feel it in your belt – 3.9 kilos is a lot in one week, it urged me to keep going.

Living the dream

Life has just changed. Everything’s better. I’m happier, healthier. I’m living the dream of what I always wanted and it feels good. It feels real good.

My body is better now than before I had kids. I’ve been big since I was a young girl, but my body is better than it’s ever been in my whole life.

I’m lighter now than what I was when I was a really young teenager. I can’t tell you how good that feels, I feel fantastic, I feel everything’s easier. Life’s easier, to get up and jump out of bed. I get out of bed with a little bit more passion.

Being 40 kilos lighter, life for me now is what I always wanted. I’m getting comments from so many people who are just amazed at the difference in me and how happy I’m feeling and how I look.

I’ve been big since I was a little girl, so friends and family got such a big shock when they saw me.


#  This testimonial was written by a satisfied Bodytrim client. Results cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person.