Kristina Adams – Lost 60kg

Kristina Adams lost 60kg – half her body weight – after learning how to make food her number one weight-loss weapon.

A daunting road ahead

From the start, the thought of needing to lose almost half your body weight to gain a healthy BMI was so huge that it seemed impossible. I was a sad mum who was struggling to find the energy to play with my kids. I was unable to work, slept poorly and was becoming increasingly depressed and anxious.

The miracle of detox

My sugar cravings diminished after the initial detox and I didn’t feel like I was deprived or on a diet.

Bodytrim is an easy system to stick with. The theory behind it made sense. The penny dropped.

I was impressed with how I was being taught to embrace food. It was no longer my enemy and I used it to my benefit.

If I can do it, anyone can

I’ve had times where I haven’t been compliant, and I’ve fallen off the wagon. But Bodytrim waited and together with the support of the forum, I reclaimed my focus and got back on board.

I did it, I lost over 60kg and I am fit, healthy and strong. And if I can do it- anyone can! I am confident I have the tools that will remain with me for life, allowing me to maintain the healthy lifestyle I’ve been embracing for the last 4 years.


#  This testimonial was written by a satisfied Bodytrim client. Results cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person.