Maria Jones – Lost 28kg

Maria Jones, had been a yo-yo dieter, always trying something new. Yet the yo-yo stopped with Bodytrim. She lost 28kgs and realised Bodytrim is not a diet, it’s a way of life.

As soon as I started work as a young adult, I started to experience problems with my weight. Over the next 30 years I tried many diets and I had periods of success, only to re-gain all of the weight again as soon as I fell off the wagon.

Maria’s ‘a-ha’ moment

At the start of my Bodytrim journey I kept thinking I couldn’t keep this up for life, walking and eating like this. But then I had my ‘ah-ha!’ moment and realised I could not go back to where I was. I knew that I could get up and walk every day, and I could have my days where I could still enjoy having a life and not be scared of food.

I went on a big holiday to Bali and I only put on 2kgs then, over the Christmas season I put on 6kgs but then nine days later, I lost it all, and more.

A lifestyle, not a diet

I really started to wonder why I would want to do anything else. I can have a whole month off; eating, drinking and being silly and then return to the Bodytrim program and lose it all. There was no going back now; I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I just grew in knowledge and confidence that Bodytrim was the solution to finally end my yo-yo dieting cycle. I grew to believe in the system and knew this was my new way of life. The truth is, this program works.


#  This testimonial was written by a satisfied Bodytrim client. Results cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person.