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Hi I am Cynthia, 51 years old. I am 70kg and 156cm tall. My ideal weight would be 57kg. I was 59kg about 3years ago. I broke my foot and I was sitting down for about six months and everyone else was feeding me, so what ever was in my plate I would eat although I was used to making myself small portions and so I put on the weight and I could never bring it back down. I blame my menopause which has kicked in slowly a few months ago. I have been looking forward to this new program. I called head office to find out why I cannot get on the website and they told me they were coming out with a new program which I was eager to start and here I am. I heard alot of great results with this program so I cannot wait to get into it.

I have quickly went through your website and I find it over whelming with all the reading that I have to do. Could you please do an easy guide so we can start right away and maybe a step by step on where to start and what the next step is.

Thank you