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I think it partly depends on what you can deal with, and what you are doing etc
I find that if I eat too often, it becomes a habit. I have been planning my eating times in the morning. One morning I was working early so I had half a shake at 6.30am, then the rest at 8.30. Second one at 11.30, then 3.00 before work. Finished work at 7.30 so another shake (or meal).

Another day I drank a couple of cups of tea whilst working on my computer, so no exercise, then had a shake at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, then a meal or another shake and veg at 7.30pm.

Yes, eating regularly does help keep the metabolism going, but also adds more calories. I weigh myself every day, and if I think my weight loss is stalling, then I will change something such as less food, more frequent eating, more exercise, or even a bigger calorie load one day to “kick start” my metabolism. I think you should plan what you think will suit YOU according to the day and how you feel, as long as you follow the general guidelines re healthy eating. You can always split a meal into two. Good Luck with it 🙂