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A walk in the garden before breakfast, maybe with a water bottle or cup of tea in hand. Take some photos as you wander around.

Take photos of your neighbourhood, such as flowers, interesting shots of buildings, unusual cars.

Window shopping – leave your credit cards at home.

Walk to meet a friend half way between your houses.

Walk in your local park or on the beach and say hello to people – a lot of people walk at the same time every day and you get to know them and see them every day. They will ask you how you are if you miss a day!

Dog walking.

Up and down a flight of steps.

Do jogging on the spot or squats whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Stand up whilst waiting to see the doctor.

Hang out washing one item at a time – take out one item only from the house at a time.

A pedometer can be motivating.

Play with your pets and children.


Tidy things up one item at a time.

Painting a room.


Washing your car.

Walk around whilst on the phone or playing a musical instrument.

Put on some dance music and dance.

Put on some song music and walk and sing to it.

Stand on one leg – uses core strength and isn’t strenuous.

Go to your local gym and ask them to design you a programme.

See if your local town has a Saturday “Parkrun” event to join.

Walk around your library.

Visit Open Gardens.

Local Bush-walking groups.

Join any charity walks you can – google Running/Walking events

Visit the zoo, an art gallery, a museum,