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I’m Louise and I’m 47 years old, start weight is 80kg with a height of 162cm. I have put on weight over the last 5 years (although I did lose 7kg on the old BT two years ago). I have a big trip planned in January with family and don’t want to be a beached whale and to enjoy spending time around the pool with my children. So I bought the new system from Coles at the weekend and have started from Monday. I actually find the shakes rather delicious and have not been a chore at all. I ended up putting some ice and a tspn of instant coffee in my morning one today …. the second day was hard but I’ve broken through and now on Trimsition (day 4). Was happy to have the protein snack this morning and am ready with a boiled egg for this afternoon. I was struggling with no coke-zero or any diet soft drink as they are my go to, but each day gets easier. My goal is to lose 15kg by Christmas … whether this is possible, I don’t know. But I am being strict and want this to be the last time I try any diet of any sort … maintenance of course will be very important!! Good luck everybody. Louise