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Hi, I’m Jan and am on day 4 of the program. Glad to be through the Fast Start, although I found it very manageable as I found 3 recipes for the evening meal suitable for Trimstartbut also very adaptable so my husband could eat with me ( with bigger serves and added carbs!). They were on your website. I had my first coffe this morning with almond/ soy milk. So good to be able to have a couple of homemade cappacino! Couldn’t face black coffe, don’t like tea, so that was a real challenge e first 3 days. I weighed 70 klgs at the start of my journey, which means I put on 10 klgs over the last 2 years. I am the heaviest I have ever been, but more worrying are the unsightly love handles and stomach fat. Obviously this is where I store my fat, and it’s the dangerous place for fat! When I try to eat sensibly, my weight has refused to change. I know carbs are something my body turns to fat very easily, so this program should really help me. Love the support I’m getting from daily emails. Have printed out most o the info I think I’ll need and made a folder for Bodytrim. Love all the great articles.
One question,mandarins are not on the fruit lust. Does that mean they are a no- no?
Look forward to following all your journeys and sharing mine.