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Give yourself a few easy exercises to do several times a day. Make it easily attainable. If it’s attainable, you are much more likely to do it. First, think of a few things you wish you could do, or some ways in which you could be stronger, or more flexible. For example,

Your arms ache a lot when cutting the hedge.
You want to increase your ability to balance – VERY important as one gets older.
Before every meal or snack, therefore, do the following:

1) Hold your arms above your head for a few seconds until a slight ache is felt. If you do this several times a day, you will soon be able to hold your arms up for longer. Try holding a light weight, then increase it over the days/weeks.
2) Stand on one leg as long as possible. If you cannot, then hold lightly onto e.g. the kitchen bench. Eventually leave go of the bench. Increase the time – then eventually try with your eyes closed! I could only balance for a few seconds at first. Now I can balance for 2 minutes without holding on, and even for about half a minute with my eyes closed!
Such exercises as these are easy, and you will improve at them by frequent repetition.

Some of my aims are to be able to do ten burpees. I am currently doing 10 squat thrusts (without standing up after each one) OR 10 jumping jacks. Once I find these easy, will try to put them together to do one burpee. When this is OK to do I will increase it to two burpees. Burpees are great for legs, arms, core, balance, and the cardiovascular system. Try ONE today!