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Dear BT Nutritionst,

Hi my name is Roz I have finish the Fast start found it quite good no craving or hunger pangs nothing at all.So as a grazer/comfort eater that was really great.(head space required mentally thinking)
As I am recovering for an incident which happened 16 weeks ago ,I Fractured pelvis which has healed but I had a hematoma aspirated on my thigh & I can’t for the next 1 week do and form or exercise.I cant go to the pool to do my hydro- therpy or walk any distance.Limited really.
So was asking if I can stay on the transsion stage for a couple of extra days.
Hoping you can advise my on this matter.
Also so what do you mean by a piece in the food guide (eg is that a sml apple/banana or a piece as stated
I have lost 3.5 kgs already so very happy.Mind you tho there’s a lot more to go.
Cheers Kindest regards Rozzie.