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BT Nutritionist

Hi Linda,

We are sorry to hear that you have not seen the results you would like from the program so far.

The amount of weight lost in the first few days can vary from person to person as it depends on several factors. On average, we have about 500g of stored carbohydrate, which holds water, in total this contributes to around 3kg of body weight on the scales. If your carbohydrate intake is decreased during the FAST Start phase, the body will start to tap into your stored carbohydrate and this weight is lost. Some people will lose more if they have also substantially reduced their overall food intake as a result of being on the program. For the people that lose less, it is usually because they already had a relatively low carbohydrate diet, so this initial weight had been lost in the past, or they already had a low-moderate overall food intake, so the difference in food intake was less dramatic resulting in less weight lost initially.
Other factors which may play a role in your weight loss are metabolic rate and hormones. Some people tend to eat irregular meals, so when small regular meals are added on Bodytrim, the metabolism needs a bit of time to adjust. This can also be the case for hormones needing to balance out and sometimes it can take a few weeks for the body to get into balance and start shifting the weight effectively. The best thing to do is to stay consistent and allow your body time to adjust to this change.

Realistically a safe weight loss goal would be roughly 500- 1kg per week. It can be frustrating when you are wanting the pounds to drop off, but slower weight loss has been found to lead to more sustainable results long term as you have taken the time to form these healthy habits rather than maybe depriving yourself of food (which is really not sustainable long term).

You’re doing great Linda, don’t get disheartened, stay consistent and your hard work will pay off!

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂