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Hi Melinda, apologies- your first message was hidden from view so was not seen until now, it is a really good question though;

-I am confused about the protein snack size. When I read the post (link above) in one answer it says that a snack would be one serve of lets say cashews. A serve size of cashews on the food guide is about 8 nuts. Then further down it says that a protein snack serve size would be 100g same as a meal size??? Exactly what size should I be having??-

The serving sizes for different sources of protein will differ, for foods like nuts and seeds, these are a lot more energy dense (have a higher calorie content for a smaller amount of food), so we recommend a different serving size as what we do for something like meat (100- 150g) which is not as energy dense. If you were to eat a serve size of 100g of nuts on a regular basis you may find yourself putting on weight due to this higher energy content.

Does this make sense?

Take a look at the ‘Food Servings Guide’ PDF down the bottom of the ‘My Food Guides’ section, and the serving sizes for the different types of foods are listed here.

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