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BT Nutritionist

Hi Antoinette,

The protein only day which was recommended in the original program followed a weekly ‘Free Day’ (two free meals), and this started from the second phase of the program on wards.

In the revised bodytrim program we have changed this so that it is now one ‘Free Meal’ per week, which is introduced from day 8 on wards. Following the day of your free meal you simply go back to the regular pattern of the Bodytrimming phase (which while still being high in protein, also includes nutrient dense vegetables and fruits and healthy forms of fats and carbohydrates to give you a bit more balance).
We believe this way of eating is easier on the body as it is not so high in protein. You also benefit from the inclusion of other nutrient dense foods, and we believe this way of eating is more sustainable in the long term.

Kind Regards,

BT nutritionist 🙂