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BT Nutritionist

Hi Michael,

If you fast forward to week 11 (up above) we have an article called ‘Festive eating’ which you might find helpful.

On Christmas day and for other celebrations where food is heavily involved, try to stick to the BT guidelines as much as possible (without being so restrictive that you are not going to enjoy yourself). Go for the non- starchy vegetables and salads first and load your plate up with these. There will no doubt be plenty of sources of protein on offer which will help to fill you up, choose those with little visible fat, or those not swimming in rich sauces. For your starchy carbs try and choose something wholegrain i.e, a nice wholegrain slice of bread or brown rice salad.
Be picky about the foods you put on the plate, use this time to put your nutritional skills into practise and choose the options that are fresh and full of whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed foods.

For drinks try not to go overboard on the alcoholic beverages and we would still recommend aiming to steer clear of the sugar laden soft drinks and fruit juices which do nothing but add extra calories. Intersperse your glasses of wine or alcohol with water or soda water.

For the main event- dessert, opt for fruit based dishes where possible. Listen to your body, eat slowly and really savour each mouthful. When you feel full put the plate aside.

Now to your question- In terms of recovering, depending on how long the celebrations go for there may be no need to start again- if you are able to fit Christmas and New Years days into your ‘Free days’ (Body Trimming phase) and be mindful of what you are eating, then you probably don’t need to go back to FAST Start. However, if you feel that you may have overdone it on both Christmas day and Boxing day- and a few days following then we would advise going back to FAST Start. Doing the FAST again can help to get you back into the right frame of mind for the program.

Ultimately during the celebrations be conscious of the foods you are putting in your mouth- it doesn’t all have to be BT compliant but the overall goal here is to create healthy habits, so just be mindful of your chosen foods and portion sizes.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂