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Hi everyone!! I have just started using the shakes as well. I use the old bodytrim detox system & diet which is 3 days of protein etc etc .

I have just learnt about this new Bodytrim Fast Shakes system and like Kaye the lady who posted also, like her I prefer to have a shake for breakfast & dinner and my main meal at lunch.

I do 30 minutes of walking daily at 5-10 minute intervals & drink 2 – 3 litres of water a day.

I still intend to have a free meal day preferably on a Sunday

Then do a detox on the following day Monday.

Then do Tuesday to Saturday as the new program advises.

May I ask what BT nutritionist think please ? And of course any advice.

With the old system I have lost 1 kg per week so far and that has been 4 weeks 🙂