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BT Nutritionist

Hi Maureen,

We support the structure and guidelines of the new program as we believe it is an improvement on the original. The new program is still high in protein, we have just included some additional but limited amounts of healthy carbohydrates and fats so that your body is able to get all the nutrients it needs during the program, and so that you are able to incorporate these foods into your everyday life for long term success.
With the new program we recommend a Free Day as one free meal (during the third Body trimming phase), and following this day you simply go back to the usual eating structure of the Body trimming phase.
If you wanted to switch around the meal structure and have a shake for dinner rather than lunch then this would be fine. It sounds like you are well on track with your exercise and fluid intake so well done 🙂
If you decide to do the program as you have outlined then this is entirely up to you but personally we don’t see any major advantage to cutting out healthy fats and carbohydrates and the beneficial nutrients- vitamins, minerals, fibre etc they provide, as mentioned, the new program is still a high protein diet.

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂