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Hi I’m Jenny. I followed the BT program 2010/2011 and lost heaps of weight. I stayed motivated for over a year until my dear mum aged 93, took sick and passed away in November 2011. For 3 days and nights I sat at her bedside and had 5 hours sleep in that time and just ate whatever was available, then came organising the funeral, emptying her unit which took me months, then trying to deal with the grief. You guessed it I’m an emotional eater so I fell off the wagon and made a couple of feeble attempts over the years to get back on track and failed. I work full time in a position where I sit at a desk for long hours and I am 67 years of age, so those things don’t help either. However I thought the updated program might be easier to start off with the shakes. So today is a new day. I have planned to do this in January for the last month and made sure I was ready and feeling motivated. So far have had my morning and lunch shakes and feeling good. I really want to succeed this time. Good luck to all of you on your journey. I really like body trim as it is simple to follow. Best wishes to all. Jenny