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Thank you for your reply BT team. I didn’t join in the forums last time so hope this might help. The only problem with the emails is that they are a day behind with my days. I think I joined up then went on the program the next day so I am at the end of day 4 but today’s email states day 3. Don’t know if that can be adjusted. At work today the team were going for lunch and at first I was thinking “oh, that will be nice”, then I remembered I’m not at that stage so declined, then I ate a boiled egg as had forgot to have my morning tea snack. I didn’t care about missing out but instead spent their lunch time looking at the BT forum and tips and working out how it runs now. So far very happy with how it is going and I have resisted weighing myself, waiting a week where I usually do every day. I think weekly will be better as there can be such a fluctuation on a daily basis. I miss Geoff’s input though and he isn’t in ads anymore. What is he doing now?