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Hi Bekki, I was like you as still have the old body trim ingrained in my head and I still have the books and dvd’s. That’s sad you lost them as they are still helpful. This is now simple to me as I am on day 8. Difference with the old and the new is shakes for the first 3 days instead of eating protein, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, then a meal with 100g protein and 2 cups non starchy vegetables at night, no evening snack like in the past. No milk in tea or coffee for the first 3 days, same as old program. Days 4 to 7, shake for breakfast and lunch, protein snack morning and afternoon tea, 100g protein, half cup starchy vegs and one and half cups non starchy vegs for dinner and can have milk in drinks. From day 8 either a shake for breakfast or same as the old system eg. egg on toast for breakfast, protein snack morning and afternoon tea, for lunch and dinner 100g protein with non starchy vegs (approx. one and a half cups), half cup starchy vegs or brown rice. The biggest difference is the allowance of starchy vegetables, brown rice or limited pasta etc.. as they weren’t allowed until the maintenance stage. I’m still not sure about that change but just won’t have them if I don’t think they work. Instead of a free day, it is only one free meal per week then you go back to the normal eating, so don’t have to follow with a protein only day. That’s probably better as I sometimes got carried away on my free day and found the protein only days difficult. I have found printing the food guides helpful on here. I have lost over 2kg which is good but not going well with the exercise yet as work long hours at a desk. Hope this helps. Good luck. Jenny