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Hi all,

Thanks so much for getting back to me with such helpful answers 🙂

Unfortunately for me I have decided to write off Bodytrim, this new version just isn’t for me.
I never bought the shakes (I actually didn’t even know they existed until I just read it here) I signed up directly on the website expecting to get the books and dvds sent to me in a box like last time.
I can’t stomach shakes, they make me gag. So I guess that’s why I have never seen them in store.

It’s a shame that after 12 weeks the access to here is stopped unless you spend more money on shakes. For someone like me who doesn’t drink them, will be wasting money on shakes for the bin just to be able to keep logging on. I don’t see the sense in that.
So basically I have spent $99 to make a post on a forum and print a food list. Such a shame. The emails, books and dvds were extremely helpful, convenient and much easier.

Anyway, thanks again all for replies. I wish you all the best in BT journeys! Good luck xx